LinkedIn Ads Expert

Seasoned, certified, & data-driven, with a proven track record

Meet Tom

Official Certifications

“Tom’s LinkedIn Ads expertise has been a game-changer, driving a 145% increase in B2B leads and a 25% revenue boost. His strategic approach has fueled our company’s growth and success.”

Owen Mitchell

Founder of Abstract Labs


728% More B2B Leads Generated

Learn how Tom crushed it with an innovative and data-driven LinkedIn Ads strategy

Why Hire Tom

Tom is a seasoned and certified LinkedIn Ads Specialist with a proven track record of generating high-quality B2B leads with strategic LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

With over 12+ years of digital marketing experience, Tom has developed a unique data-driven approach to LinkedIn Ads that delivers consistently high ROI for his clients.

Tom leverages data-driven optimization and creative problem-solving to drive visibility, conversions, and brand awareness for his clients.

He stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, providing transparent reporting and a client-centric approach to exceed client expectations.

Tom’s Strategy

Proven Process

Tom’s Proven Process drives results for clients through a structured approach, from defining objectives and strategizing, to executing and optimizing campaigns.